Event Design Lectures

Register here for the Event Design Lecture Series. Click on the link for the session you want to attend. The link will take you to Eventbrite to register. we are proud to sponsor these events. 

7th October: Colja Dams, VOK DAMS, Germany – Agile Event Design.

Event designs that takes account of changing circumstances can be assisted by the agile event design philosophy developed by VOK DAMS, the global live marketing agency. The session explores how a design adapts during the production processes. The session includes examples such as closing Miami airport for the launch of Lamborghini.

14th October: David Ball, Brandfuel, UK – Evolving Event Design.

Brandfuel the award winning London based experiential agency, produces major experiences for Google and other global brands on a regular basis. This includes designing the internationally acclaimed Zeitgeist event held in the UK. Each year the event has to demonstrate that it has evolved and will excite the attendee’s.

21st October: Chris Ford, OBO, UK – Stage, Set Design and Performance.

OBO the international creative and production group is known for creating exceptional brand experiences and catwalk shows globally. The session explores various design, staging and performance techniques used to maximise reach and help their clients achieve their constantly evolving communications ambitions.

4th November: Carina Bauer, IMEX Exhibitions, UK: 

Designing Participant Journeys.IMEX is arguably the premier exhibition for event professionals around the world, that takes place in both Frankfurt and Las Vegas each year. But how does the organiser keep the show fresh and make sure that regular attendees are always seeing something new on show?

11th November: Sarah Haywood, Sarah Haywood, USA – Celebratory Design.

Sarah Haywood was voted the No1 Wedding Planner by Vogue magazine in 2019. Her wedding clients are international billionaires and celebrities. She works globally. In this session we learn how Sarah creates the WOW factors for celebratory events.

18th November: Mungo Dennison, NEWSUBSTANCE, UK – Creating The Extraordinary.

New Substance is one of the most imaginative show design studios in the world, specialising in opening ceremonies, festivals installations and global band tours. The session looks at trends to amaze audiences and create memorable experiences through combination of creativity with technical expertise.

25th November: Marcis Ziemins, Skudras Metropole, Latvia – Immersive Gastronomic Experiences.

Possibly the most imaginative off-the-wall caterers in Europe. This small but perfectly formed catering company from Riga once served cocktails in flower pot that included blooming peonies. On another occasion their chefs created a live banquet using builders tools to prepare the dishes in front of diners.

2nd December: Tracy Halliwell MBE, London & Partners, UK – Designing Destination Attractors  AND Prof Graham Brown, University of South Australasia, Australia – Eventscapes.

London is one of the worlds most exciting cities for events. But how does Visit London, the destination authority design world class events to attract local and international attendees? Tracy’s session explores how the ideation and creation process works in the worlds greatest city. Graham’s presentation will explore how to design eventscapes. From a planning perspective, it will show how to select the best locations where the settings add value to event experiences and where event facilities can create long-term benefits for host communities. From a design perspective, examples will show the way graphic design has been used to create visual settings.

9th December: Adam Parry, Event Tech Live, UK – Tech Trends on a Budget.

Co-founder of Event Tech Live and the editor of Event Industry News will explore the event technologies that will trend in 2020. The session keeps budget in mind suggesting technologies that are affordable for most events.