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Event Tech Lab is a partnership community that has the development, promotion and use of event tech at its heart.


Marketing & Promotion

Event Tech Lab has a global network of contacts. The network is used to publicise, showcase and get users for start-up partners.


Networking & Community

Event Tech Lab provides various forms of networking opportunities for our partner community, globally.


Corporate Consultancy

Our 2 hour and 4 hour unbiased jargon-busting workshops are designed to educate and inform event planners and marketers. Hear about the latest technology that can be deployed to enhance and streamline event production processes as well as event marketing and attendee engagement objectives.


Go International

Tech travels anywhere. Event Tech Lab will take you there. The various start-up partner packages facilitate contact networks, user introductions, publicity and showcasing opportunities, globally.


Access To Support

Event Tech Lab offers start-ups access to strategic marketing and communications advice and consultancy, brand and product mentoring as well as supporting start-ups with high level meeting pitches and presentations.


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#EventTech Open Office #1

Event Tech Lab @ Google Campus

Event Tech Lab @ Google Campus

The first Event Tech Lab open office session is kicking off at 6pm 20th January 2015 at Google Campus.

The open office session will host both face-to-face and virtual pitches (via Google Hangouts) from start-ups. Attend the event in person or join us via Google Hangout.

Face-to-Face Pitches:

Damian Oracki of Showslice on how the sharing economy can be used to make events more sustainable by sharing your event resources with other event organisers.

Ru Barksfiled of Gruve on how to integrate differing event software applications into the overall event hardware landscape.

Jose Bort of Pickevent on white label event marketing and community building

Mike Piddock of Glisser on a mobile presentation application that engages audiences through real-time slide shows.

Virtual Pitches:

Ovanes Ovanessian of Weemss (Bulgaria) on new event ticketing technology that allows for automatic multi-language and multi-currency transactions.

Jason Harmer of Get Workers (Canada) on the new staffing platform to poll and secure freelancers for event projects.

The evening will include a panel discussion – Disruptive Futures – that explores the future of event technologies. The panelist: Robert Dunsmore (GES), Liz King (Techsytalk.com & Liz King Events),  Adam Parry (Event Industry News) and Jamie Vaughan (Eventbase).