A Partnership Community for Event Technology Providers and Users

supporting the event technology sector through connections

Driven By Standards

Event Tech Lab is a partnership community that has the development, promotion and use of event tech at its heart.


Marketing & Promotion

Event Tech Lab has a global network of contacts. The network is used to publicise, showcase and get users for start-up partners.


Networking & Community

Event Tech Lab provides various forms of networking opportunities for our partner community, globally.


Corporate Consultancy

Our 2 hour and 4 hour unbiased jargon-busting workshops are designed to educate and inform event planners and marketers. Hear about the latest technology that can be deployed to enhance and streamline event production processes as well as event marketing and attendee engagement objectives.


Go International

Tech travels anywhere. Event Tech Lab will take you there. The various start-up partner packages facilitate contact networks, user introductions, publicity and showcasing opportunities, globally.


Access To Support

Event Tech Lab offers start-ups access to strategic marketing and communications advice and consultancy, brand and product mentoring as well as supporting start-ups with high level meeting pitches and presentations.


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Event Tech Lab at IMEX vegas and ibtm Barcelona

Event Tech Lab has secured stage-time at IMEX in Las Vegas in October and also at ibtm World, Barcelona in November to present our stable of start-ups. Both events are a great opportunities to promote event tech to an international audience.

Opportunity 1: IMEX Las Vegas, 13 – 15 October.

Event Tech Lab will be running daily sessions on the freshest new event tech available – that’s you! As this is a short session, you will not be able to present in person. If you would like your products to be included we will need you to forward us a few slides accompanied by some screen shots or a short 2 minute video we can play.

Please email me if you would like to take part and we can then discuss how you want to represent your company. The deadline for letting me know is 4th September.

Opportunity 2: ibtm World Barcelona, 17-19 November. 

Event Tech Lab is hosting a one-hour session on event technology.

For this session we would like to you either pitch in person or beam in via Google Hangouts. I will be on stage talking about event tech and be using your company to illustrate an element of how technology can be used to enhance an event.

Pitches will last for 5 minutes. If you would like to participate, again please let me know by 4th September.